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Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules

We act for managing agents and commerical property owners in preparing maintenance schedules of their properties to determine the extent of repairs required, timing and an indication of costs to allow budgets to be set.

Managing Agents of sizable developments need to be aware of the costs of maintenance and renewals over a period ranging from 10 to 20 years to allow service charge/reserve fund budgets to be set. Without guidance on maintenance, large developments can often be a ticking time bomb, with maintenance only being undertaken when there is a problem i.e. leaking roof.

Poor management of maintenance issues within a development can often lead to a sharp rise in service charges when major works finally become necessary.

Owners of large single occupancy properties should also consider planned preventative maintenance schedules as it allows maintenance to be spread over a period of years, rather than allowing maintenance to build up and the need for significant expenditure at a time when such expenditure may not be desirable.

Undertaking maintenance at the correct intervals will also save money in the long term. For instance failing to undertake external decorations on a building with timber windows and doors will only lead to decay and premature failure which will lead to the need to replace the windows and doors much earlier in their life span than would have been necessary if regular decorations had been undertaken.

Each planned preventative maintenance schedule is prepared to the client’s requirements and will include cost guidance to allow budgets to be set.

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