Building Surveys are often seen as a non-essential part of buying/acquiring a property and many residential purchasers consider their mortgage valuation report a good indication of the condition of the property. This is often not the case and buyers are left with substantial repair bills.

Whilst not every building survey report discovers significant defects to a building, there will always be a number of issues reported on and in many cases this allows the purchaser to re-negotiate the purchase price with the saving far exceeding the cost of the survey.

Many clients often question us to why they should instruct a building survey on a newly constructed or converted property. Over the years we have seen some extremely poor conversions and new builds and in a few extreme cases recommended that the purchase does not proceed.

Only recently we undertook building surveys of four new build residential houses for a corporate client and discovered extensive condensation within the roof voids, which if left unchecked would have led to extensive decay to the roof structures. On this occasion, we were able to work with the developer and agree appropriate remedial works to prevent condensation occurring.

We also have experience of non-standard types of building including vernacular timber framed buildings.

Our experience extends to commercial building surveys and over the years, we have inspected most types of buildings including leasehold acquisitions, where we have been able to identify issues, that would increase the service charge or result in a dilapidations liability at the end of the lease.  Identifying such issues before legal commitment, does allow for negotiation with the freeholder.

Where necessary we can arrange for specialist surveys of the mechanical and electrical services, curtain walling and cladding, electronic testing of flat roof membranes, and drainage surveys with consultants that we have worked alongside for many years.

Each building survey is a bespoke and detailed report and will include a detailed conclusion/summary highlighting the issues that require attention or further investigation.


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